Month: May 2015

Live your dash

There’s the date of our birth & the date of our death. The dash represents our life. We must LIVE our dash to the fullest. If you were given $25 Million today, what would you change about your life? If the answer is “everything,” that means you are not doing nearly as much as your …

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Had some really deep & thought-provoking conversation with someone yesterday that got me thinking about why some people seem to attract success in life (& it’s not just money, it’s love, joy, peace, kindness, discipline, respect, authentic relationships, vision etc…) A big key is to live with PASSION.  Live from our hearts, be real & …

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Gratitude is like a key that unlocks opportunities that help us accomplish those things that are important to us.  Gratitude unlocks our potential by shifting our focus from what’s not going right to what IS.   The ONLY thing we have control in life is our attitude & our actions.  By choosing to have a …

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