2016 is the Year of Change !!!


So those of you who know me, I’m kind of a passionate guy. Maybe over the top at times. There have been times people have offered me, what they felt was advice, but really was only an opinion. “Don’t be so radical, don’t be so ‘out there.” Just be happy you have what you have.” While I agree to be thankful for what I have & the blessings God has given me, I just cannot ‘settle.’ It’s just NOT in my DNA, I have this ‘hum’ on this inside as someone I respect so eloquently coined…

I CANNOT stay where I am because I believe there is another gear I can go to. Another level I can go to to impact more people, to inspire people to have a mindset shift, they they, TOO, can achieve something great in life. Greatness will be found in servitude, not in stuff. I am passionate about helping people realize that they have more inside of them than they thought, that they have the potential for greatness, & to ultimately play a role, of some kind, in helping them fulfill their potential.

So 2016 is almost upon us. As we ALL look back on 2015, did we accomplish that which we set out to a year ago? Are we better than last year or more bitter? Are we accomplishing our goals or are we still wishing? Do we have more peace, joy & fulfillment in life or still searching for answers? For me, I have come far over the past year & I am not where I thought I would be. But, that is okay because it has forced me to be deeply introspective & make those adjustments I need to. For me, 2016 is the year of “dropping the hammer.” Becoming all God created me to be & accomplishing some pretty audacious goals. Why, because I believe I can. Because I believe that as long as I focus on helping other people, in any way, that God will honor that.

You will see me more transparent & honest. More real & raw. You might not like it or might tune it out but please know, I want to help add value to YOUR life in any way. Maybe a quote, maybe a video, maybe a clip I find, maybe a great workout that I think could help. Just know where my heart is.

If you are in a tough spot & looking for direction, I would be honored to make myself available to simply talk. To be real & not put up a facade & pretend like everything is great, like so many people do. Let’s be real !!!

I hope to have encouraged you enough to invest the 14 minutes to watch. Yes, I know you are busy & are pulled in 1,000 different directions. It will be worth listening & watching. Tell me your thoughts…This can help change your life, with the subtlest of statements or visuals…

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