A Day to Never Forget


I think we all can remember exactly where we were…I was in NYC on a business meeting & saw the towers on fire.  Very surreal, mesmerized moment, mixed with sadness, horror & uncertainty.

But, it’s what I remember that happened after that gave me hope & continues to give me hope.  There was more unity & peace in our country in the following months.  EVERYONE was flying American flags at their homes, in their cars.  EVERYONE was more pleasant, loving, respectful, patient, giving of their time…

I MISS that unity, that love, that passion, that respect.  There were NO agendas during that time.  It was just Americans loving each other, respecting each other & being unified around the fact that God has blessed America throughout history & that we are still blessed to have His Provision.  The unity & love was AMAZING.   My prayer is we get that back.

I am not going to talk about where we are now because it doesn’t matter.  Yes, this country seems to be losing its way but I believe we can make America great again.  It is our duty, it is our responsibility.  We need to put our differences aside, our egos aside & focus on what really matters.  Guys, our children our watching.  Each of us CAN make great impact in our own circles, our own communities, our own cities.  We must teach our kids by example what love, respect, servitude, honor, character & integrity are all about.  One person CAN make a difference.  Don’t think you cannot, God blessed you with talents & abilities to use to impact this world in a positive way…

This was a horrific time in history & my prayers go out to those who lost loved ones & were affected directly & indirectly by the events that transpired.  This was proof there is evil in this world, that we do have a real evil enemy despite what people want to admit.  The beautiful thing is God is still sovereign.  We know the end of the story because we win.  God has a good plan & it trumps any other…Let’s focus on what is really important in life: relationships, memories, experiences, love & respect.  Nothing else really matters.  Let today be a day to return our attention to those things that really matter & let’s DECIDE to use our lives to help our fellow man…

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