A life of selflessness…

adding value to other people by being selfless


Always loved this quote. It really causes me to be introspective and wonder if I am too selfish or not.

When we know we can do something good to make a positive impact or add value to someone, to a cause, to a movement, and, we do NOT, it is like a sin.

There are sins of omission and sins of co-mission. There are things we do that we shouldn’t & there are things we should do, and don’t.

The tragedy is when we get so selfish (and I have been good at it) we don’t help others. It is time for MORE people to rise up & live to help add value to other people.

God has blessed each of us with unique talents and abilities that NO ONE else has. The abilities we have our God’s gift to us, what we DO with them are our gift back to Him.

Let’s all work to be more selfless, adding value to others & not trying to “get for me,” “do for me.”

Every time I do something to bless someone, to add value to someone, to encourage someone, I feel better about me. That is by God’s design.

You CAN too!!!


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