A Little Bit Every Day…


It’s a magical number. We don’t need to change everything today to become who we want to be. We only need to change 0.3% every day. It’s a slight tweak to something today, then again tomorrow, etc.

We need to sacrifice a little bit of who we are for the person we want to become. The greatest accomplishments in this world took place over long periods of time.

The work is not glamorous, it’s not always fun, it might even feel like it’s not working but that’s what separates those who succeed from those who don’t. One in 20 people will stay focused & keep on grinding until they reach their goal. The cool thing to realize is 0.3% of change every day for a year will result in you being 100% better than you are today!!! It’s all about perspective & having vision of the goal we want to accomplish.

It’s easy to do a little every day but it’s also easy not do it. Each of us gets to make our own choice & it’s that choice that will determine if we will succeed or not.

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