Application is the Key


The reality is if we only read our Bible & go to church & treat them like items off a checklist, nothing changes.  The enemy knows this & does everything he can to keep us from APPLYING the very things we are learning.  He tries to keep us busy with activities & responsibilities.  The old, “I’ll get to it tomorrow” mentality is probably one of his best tactics & we must be fully aware of it.  We must be intentional, EVERY day, to get in the Word, worship God & pray for God to help us apply these Truths in our lives.  For us to be effective as Christians, sure, we must read our Bibles.  Sure, we should go to church so we can fellowship with other Christians who will inspire & empower us in our faith to do more.  The key is getting out there every day & applying God’s Truth to our lives & in the lives of others.

We cannot be Sunday church-goers & then go back to living our lives the other six days & doing whatever we want.  Christianity is NOT a religion, it is all about a relationship.  Personally, I detest religion.  It is simply man’s attempt to put God in a box.  It’s a bunch of rules & regulations that do NOT exist in the Bible.  Jesus came & challenged all the rules that the religious elite had in place at the time.  They could not stand it.  Jesus was shaking up their belief system & simplified the entirety of God’s plan.  He took it down to “love God & love people.”

Finally, we all need to be praying daily for Holy Spirit to empower & strength us, to show us how we can press in to God’s Word more & reveal to us ways in which we can apply it.  The reality is, satan has ALREADY been defeated.  Jesus did that 2,000 years ago.  I hear people saying things like “get thee behind me satan.”  Well, Jesus said he is already under our feet.  We need to immerse ourselves in God’s Truth of the identity we have & the authority He has given us when we accept Jesus as our Savior…that we are kids of the king, created in God’s image & that we can live Christ-like, performing the very same things Jesus did.  Some might say that is sacrilege but Jesus said it himself.  In fact, He said we would do even greater things than He did because we were left with Holy Spirit, the Comforter & Counselor.  The same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us through Holy Spirit.

Applying this stuff to our lives, knowing we are victorious in Christ, that we have nothing to fear & that we have ALREADY won should put us on the offense, forcefully advancing God’s Kingdom & bring the reality of Heaven to earth NOW!!!  That’s what Jesus said in the Lord’s Prayer, “on earth as it is in Heaven.”  We are to bring the reality of Heaven to earth so people can see how we are supposed to live in Christ here on earth.  

It’s really exciting when we grab hold of these Truths & even more so when we are out applying them!!!

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