“Character is tested when you are up against it!”


“Character is tested when you are up against it.” an awesome quote from the movie Invincible…

It’s not fun going through tough stuff. I have things I’m dealing with right now that I would rather not have to deal with. I get frustrated, impatient &, at times, might even question if I can overcome it, if I can get through it. It sometimes seems like reaching certain objectives or accomplishments is taking too long. What I realize is I have to mature & assume responsibility & learn certain things BEFORE I can graduate & get to the other side. 

Going through tough stuff is something we are either experiencing now or will in our future, it’s just part of life. It’s our ability to learn how to focus & direct our energies & push through by being solution-oriented that gets us out to the other side. Adversity is an opportunity to introduce the world to the real YOU.

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