Commit to using VIDEO in 2018!!!

SEO Tip: Use Video!!! 72% of people are visual learners.
If your business offers a service, start thinking of tips and suggestions of tremendous value that you can offer people. They will start to see you as an authority and rely on you when they need services you provide.

That being said, start recording 60-90 seconds videos with your iPhone/Android phone & upload to YouTube. Embed them on your website, add them to your Google listing with a brief description, add them to your Facebook Business page.

Google owns YouTube so the more video you use, the more Google will start ranking you BUT your videos MUST be optimized.

DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN OPTIMIZE & RANK YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS??? (ask me about how to do it right)

Add in a Facebook Live session once per week & get even higher engagement…

Set a goal to do 1 per week, then 2 per week – that’s 50-100 pieces of valuable content per year.

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