Decide to take Action


I’ve read it countless times in books like “The Master Key to Riches” by Napoleon Hill…the difference between successful & unsuccessful people is the ability to take immediate, decided action. Successful people, when they have all the facts, quickly decide & commit to their adventure. Conversely, unsuccessful people, even though they have all the facts, sit on making a decision & don’t get to their desired goals or dreams.

Gotta be honest, there are areas of my life I definitely feel good about my decisiveness. But, there are other areas, I’ve been sitting. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence or maybe it’s just that I’m not sure I want to commit. But, the one thing I’m learning is sometimes you just gotta take action, no matter the consequences. If it doesn’t work out, at least you were decisive & tried. Plus, you will feel better about yourself.

Being decisive is critical to being successful at reaching our goals. I’m committed to taking more action behind decisions & expecting the best outcome. Commit to it yourself & I really believe things will turn for you as well !!!

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