Divorce your feelings

I listened to an audio by a guy I’ve respected for his commitment to integrity in his marriage, in his business, in his relationships.  He talked much about how people are emotionally-driven creatures and it’s true.

I can recall so many times I’ve made decisions based on emotion &, all too often, they were the wrong decisions.  A couple  key points about feelings:

Feelings are schizophrenic – one minute we could be happy, 30 seconds later we could be frustrated, next minute impatient then back to happy…all in the span of a minute.  We cannot make decisions that impact the direction of our lives based on feelings.  We must make decisions based on what is TRUTH.

Feelings don’t care about consequence – it’s so easy to make a rash decision based on how we feel but it could lead to a devastating effect of long-term disappointment.   I remember deciding to quite college because I was bored & I wasted two years doing nothing.  When I went back to college to finish my degree it took me a total of six years to get a four year degree.  Feelings really don’t care about consequence.

We must learn to master our feelings & emotions if we are going to take charge of our lives and fulfill the potential God blessed us with.

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