Do You, Well


God made life simple. We just complicate it.

In a world of technology, fast-paced living & so much noise fighting for our attention, we can find ourselves off-track & off-focus.

We read motivational quotes, watch motivational videos & hear people doing life, making their suggestions how we should live ours.

There is too much comparison & competing going on.

God did NOT design it that way. He wants us to love Him first so we can truly love ourselves & out of that, have the capacity to love others.

We must live our lives to the fullest, fulfilling the potential He gave us. We must not compare ourselves. We must realize that God doesn’t make any junk & that He wants us to just be authentically & uniquely ourselves.

Find a quiet place & reflect on your strengths, your skills, what you are good at & flush any weaknesses or areas you fall short. We must focus all our attention on the good stuff within that we can leverage to make a positive impact on this world in a way God will be proud.

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