Don’t be Insane !!!


Did you know that Thomas Edison tried 10,000 different variations of the light bulb before he came up with the one that worked? This was his philosophy, that you cannot do the same things over & over to get different results, it is insanity.

If we are not happy with our circumstances, then we must change ourselves to change our circumstances. What a crazy notion huh?

“But I don’t like change, it’s uncomfortable, I don’t know if things will work out!”

Well, how’s it going now? This is a self check for me too. Who really likes change or being uncomfortable? I don’t but it IS necessary.

Commit to change something, even a little thing & start the process. Easy to do, easy not to. But, having the right perspective, we realize it is the right thing to do.

Make today count! Stretch outside your comfort zone. You will lay your head on your pillow tonight feeling better about you!

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