Embrace Change

I took this picture on the Gulf Coast north of Tampa back in May & it really gets me thinking about where we were at in our lives in New York & the changes I HAD to embrace with the decision to move down here to Florida. It was a hard decision to up & move my family away from the rest of my friends & extended family.  

But, I knew we had to give this a fair shot. I did not want to remain stagnant in the place I was & I decided to embrace change.  It has NOT been easy & it has NOT been fun every step of the way but it is part of my story & a great learning lesson I can use to teach my kids…

I think the most frustrating thing, to me at least, is having a situation you cannot change. I DO NOT like being forced into a situation I have no control over. As I work on myself (& it’s a long-term process), I have learned we must be mature & assume responsibility for our attitude & actions. It’s all about being adaptable & flexible to situations & looking for ways to improve ourselves that ultimately gets us through them & out successfully.

Refusing to change & adjust only hurts us in the long run. We must embrace change & approach it with the attitude of “what can I learn through this & how can I become better?” Hard to do but even harder if we don’t!

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