Focus on Your Greatness


I’ve heard so many people say things like “don’t keep your hopes up” or “just be happy with what you’ve got.” There’s nothing more important than being thankful for what you have but there is NOTHING wrong with wanting more as long as it doesn’t take you out of balance.  Then again, balance is NOT necessarily necessary.  We are always fighting to stay in our comfort zone & have balance.  Sometimes, I suppose, we really need to let go & get ourselves out there, trying new things, falling down & getting back up.  I find myself needing to venture out even more.  Who knows what is out there for each of us.  We need to be able to lose sight of the shore if we are ever going to find out what lies out in deep waters for us.  

We are all capable of WAY more than we think & we should start thinking & believing that we have greatness within us. Our ability to harness & direct that greatness will allow each of us to fulfill our potential & make a positive impact on those around us.

BELIEVE you are worthy of more.  BELIEVE that you have greatness to offer the world.  BELIEVE that your contributions are necessary in a world where there is so much fear, negative & lack of unity.  Go out & take action KNOWING that you people meeting you will be better off for doing so!!!

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