Getting The Day Started Right

Are you waking up excited to build your dreams today?  If you work for someone else, you are building their dreams but you can still fulfill yours at the same time.

Great questions to keep us in check today:

Did I get up with a great attitude, excited to attack the day ahead of me?  
Am I adding value to people around me, using my unique talents & abilities? 
Am I living proactively as opposed to reactively? 
Do I have a good, positive association of people who support, encourage & inspire me?  
Am I making time for my spouse & kids today, SHOWING them I love them & appreciate them? 
Am I investing in my own personal growth reading or listening to good books etc.? 
Am I working on improving my health & fitness?  
Am I living with passion, enthusiasm & a zest for life?

When we get caught up in the grind of the day, it’s sometimes hard to stay focused on these things.  Being intentional keeping this stuff top of mind will, over time, help us fulfill our potential & make a positive difference in our worlds.

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