getting the right perspective about circumstances


How many times have I had to deal with a challenging situation that I’ve approached it with the wrong perspective? TOO MANY.

I have learned, or should say, I am learning, that we go through struggles & challenges because life is hard, it’s not ever going to get easy. I have prayed countless times, “God, please take away this pain, or get me out of this situation” when in reality I should have been asking “God, what is it you want me to LEARN through this situation? What do I need to change about ME to get over this?”

It’s all about perspective. Circumstances don’t define the man, they reveal the man. We have to be tough & committed that we are first going to overcome them but also look for ways we can improve in areas of our lives that allow us to be more productive, develop more confidence, more discipline, more patience, more maturity.

When we focus on how we can become better through stuff, we can make a bigger, positive impact on others & become who God created us to be.

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