Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day !!!

While we all love fireworks & an extra day off of work, I believe it’s so important to reflect on what today REALLY means.

Today is the day we celebrate our freedoms that have been provided by the brave men & women who have fought & died for our country. There seems to be less patriotism these days but I wouldn’t count our country out. We are resilient & have proven to be able to overcome great adversities.

With the increasing division in this country, why can’t we focus on being appreciative for the freedoms we have instead of exuding hatred, dissension & divisiveness? You are allowed to express yourself & have your own beliefs BUT that also requires you respect others for their different beliefs. America has been blessed throughout its history because of its foundational roots & has been respected globally as the country who fights for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Let’s stand tall today, being proud to be Americans. If you see a member of our military, THANK THEM for their service. The life we live here in this country is still an amazing privilege.

THANK YOU to all who sacrifice & have sacrificed. THANK YOU America for the freedoms I have that are not found quite the same anywhere else in the world. I am proud of America because of it’s selfless spirit that has made the world a better place!!!

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