His Strength is all I need


It’s my feeling that social media is a place where most people only portray how great their life is going.

The reality is, most people are going through some pretty challenging stuff. On the surface, they act like everything is perfect but when you peel back the onion you see that life is a mess and they are miserable and depressed.

This is a dangerous place to be. We should be vulnerable and honest about life because it is good relationships that help us get through it.

While on the surface my life is going well, there are definitely things I deal with that are really challenging where I question my confidence and ability to endure.

It is during these times that I pray to God asking for His strength to overcome the mountains. I know that I will but it is never fun going through tough stuff. I have realized that I do not have the strength to overcome the things I need to in this life & God is the only source of strength I need.

If the surface of your life looks like it’s going well but underneath it is a mess, know that God loves you and wants to help you get through whatever it is you’re going through.

Perhaps the challenges exist for Him to get your attention & change course…

1 Peter 5:7 “casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.”


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