Discover how I fill Contractors' Pipelines and add $100K+ in Revenue!



Ed Weidman here…

You want to get sold to like I want a root canal.

So we won’t go there.

I get home contractors exclusive leads.  

Simple & direct.

Hardscapers, remodelers, deck builders, fence installers, flooring guys, window and siding contractors and more!

So, if you want more business and are open to having a brief conversation, hit me up here!


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But if you are the smart-skeptical-type like me, keep reading…

Here’s the thing:

You’ve got to be good at closing.

And, have systems & processes in place to handle the increase in business. 

Or else, it’s a waste of everyone’s time & money.

So, I’ve got questions for you.

Know your average project size?

And closing ratio?

And want to drum up more business?

With a great ROI?

Then we should absolutely chat!

No strings attached.

No sales pitch.

And, just so ya know, I’m not cheap.

But I’m fair.

And, I can deliver.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “C’mon Ed, everyone says that.”

I absolutely agree with you.

There are entirely too many posers that cannot get results.

Or, don’t understand ROI.

So, you demand proof.

LIVE campaign screenshot for a NY contractor client: 71 leads in 39 days.


Now, maybe some of those leads are not real.

And, others may be tire kickers.

So, let’s be uber-conservative.

Out of 71, what if 10 were your ideal customers.

And you ONLY closed 1 smaller project at $5K.

You still would get a great ROI.


But, if you crush it and close 5 or more, revenue goes bonkers!

5 projects at, say, $5K adds $25K of new revenue EVERY month.

Want results like this?

Seems like it’s straight out of a fairy tale.

I know. 

But it’s legit.

And we both know that results are ALL that matter.

I can deliver exclusive leads on a silver platter within 48 hours.

So, hit me up here if open to a chat!

Talk soon,