How to Develop Emotional Stability

Commitment to continuity develops emotional stability.

I learned this from someone I have tremendous respect for. Someone who has achieved what I would consider to be true success: great relationships, fulfilling his purpose, financial security for his family &, most importantly, having a strong spiritual foundation…

We all have experienced times of our lives where we might be stressed out, feeling erratic & unfocused in our lives. We’re just not “firing on all cylinders” & cannot seem to gain traction as we might like. The KEY to grounding ourselves & developing that inner confidence, that emotional stability, that true productive & effective place in our lives, is to maintain a consistent, persistent & disciplined work ethic centered around our core belief of what is right, true & draws on our emotions. In other words, we work hard & keep our dreams & goals in front of us. When we don’t maintain consistency, we begin to question our motives & beliefs of what we are doing & why we are doing it. First step: figure out what you WANT & WHY you want it. Step two is to believe you will attain it & get to work !!!

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