How To Prospect For SEO & Facebook Ads Clients & Grow to $10K Per Month in 90-120 Days

Everyone makes prospecting for new clients super complicated. 

Sure, you have to prospect and talk to people but the method to find legitimate businesses that need your help should be simple and bulletproof. 

I teach ALL my students to invest 15-20 minutes per DAY to research at night to find 10 business who might need their assistance. 

Now that does NOT mean those businesses are going to hire them, it simply means that they are potential candidates that contacting them will determine if there is further opportunity to work together or not. 

From there, it is investing 15-20 minutes in the morning per DAY to contact those business owners. 

So, to keep it real, 30 minutes of prospecting per DAY, consistently 5 days per week for the next 90-120 days WILL yield 6-8 clients who will be willing to pay you $1000 each. 

Then, you get a few referrals for being honest & getting results & pick up a few more clients, hitting $10K per month. 

Nice raise for working smart? 

I think so. 

Need more help with your prospecting or technical skills in your digital agency? 

I CAN help.


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