It’s not always about getting what you want…


That which we want is not always what’s best for us.

Often times, not getting what we think we want is best to shape our character, increase our patience, develop more wisdom, maturity & perspective.

I have found that there are many things that I thought I wanted, or, more like, I needed.  But, after not attaining the goal I set or obtaining that thing I expected to have, it got me thinking differently & realizing that what I was wanting wasn’t what was best for me.   These have, for sure, been the times I have matured & grown the most.

I think it is important to say that we all tend to seek instant gratification, not wanting to wait for the things we desire.  We don’t want to put in the work, the sweat equity, to get to where we want to go.  I believe if success were so easy, everyone would have it.  It is such a great learning experience to be disappointed for not getting somewhere & it forcing us to reflect on our situation & becoming stronger as a result of it.

Don’t get all frustrated & impatient when you don’t accomplish what you want.  It might be the very best thing for you.  Be thankful for your plans not going your way & see what you can learn from it.


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