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Ed Weidman here.  

The game plan is to get leads that you work to close, which grow your business and deliver a great ROI.

Stop trying other marketing tactics only to have them fail.

We’ve helped countless clients get leads, schedule estimates & fill their schedules for 2-3 months straight.

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Most contractors find themselves in a bidding war driving profits down or worse, landing no deals whatsoever.

We do the opposite!

The sad reality is most contractors we talk to have dealt with lead companies like HomeAdvisor or Angie’s List.  

I am not one to be negative, especially of the competition.  

So, I won’t.

But, I DO hear from contractors who hate the fact these companies sell these leads to multiple lead buyers at the SAME time.  

Essentially, putting you in a position where you are in a bidding war, fighting to land a deal. 

The inherent problem from my vantage point is this:  the prospect is evaluating their decision on price and not on value.

You know it is going nowhere when they say, “give me your best price.”

All too often that means they are just looking for a deal and not prioritizing quality.

So, if your price is not the lowest, you haven’t got a prayer.

You know you do great work.  You take pride in your projects and get frustrated when people just go for the lowest price.

So, you are spending money on leads that are not exclusive and, all-too-often, go nowhere.

Well, that is where we are DIFFERENT!

We only partner with ONE company in a certain niche covering a certain market.  

We NEVER sell leads to multiple buyers.  

In fact, ALL the leads we send to a contractor partner are 100% EXCLUSIVE.

No more competing on price.

You get leads within seconds of people requesting more information.

They are your leads to win!

All you have to do is respond quickly, provide great customer service, sell them on the value of your craftsmanship and professionalism and you grow your business!

With us, you have a ton of upside.

And, a TON of potential.

So, what is holding you back?

Schedule a call today and let’s have a chat.

There just might be a perfect fit.

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That would be GREAT results!

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Guaranteed, Exclusive Leads or Your Money Back!