Lessons can be learned in any situation!

Check out this LINK to this article.  Here is a guy wrongly convicted of a crime but he uses his struggle/challenge to change the trajectory of his life.  It’s amazing that, when you have the right attitude towards a situation, anything is possible.  It is NOT easy, that I can say from personal experience, but it is worth it.

So important, especially this time of year to:
1) set goals (long term first, then short term based on your priorities)
2) evaluate yourself & identify areas of improvement
3) be consistent (focus on the activity, NOT the results)
4) attitude is everything (have a positive attitude, believe in yourself, expect the best in every situation, learn thru problems/challenges, love & serve others by adding value using your gifts & talents)

Have a safe New Years & make 2015 YOUR year by choosing to make changes & imposing will power & discipline to create the life you really want !!!

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