If you want to know the truth: 90%+ of the people doing SEO and/or LeadGen are NOT getting the results they want.

They lack confidence, have no clear direction of what they need to be doing and certainly, do not have a game plan that they can buy into, believe in & execute on.

So Ed, what are you talking about?

I have observed that while courses and mentorship programs are valuable and have their place, most of the time people are just not winning.

In fact, only 10%, maybe 15% of the people in paid programs experience a level of success.

Why?  Because they are the ones who are disciplined, consistent & take massive action.

I have been in many of these programs on SEO and LeadGen and see this first-hand.

It REALLY bothers me.

So, as an entrepreneur, someone who jumps off a cliff & builds an airplane on the way down, I’m going to do something I’ve NEVER done before.

I have created a VIP MasterClass to get to the core of what people need to know.

I have taken my mentorship program, The Digital Minimalist Coaching Program (with many hours of SEO & leadgen training) & have compressed it down into a TWO Hour MasterClass.

I figure it is way better for you to invest a couple hours of time to learn EVERYTHING you need to know instead of investing $5K-$7K into a program and have to put in 15-20 hours to learn everything.

The value of this MasterClass easily exceeds $5,000.

I am teaching EVERY detail, EVERY best practice, EVERYTHING I apply in my business EVERY day that is working for me and countless others.  

We will cover all SEO, LeadGen & AI best practices & tactics that we use to succeed right now. 

This is opened up to serious action-takers so I can be sure I can invest my time to help the right people.

I want to help you if you are serious about learning exactly what you need to know to be successful with SEO & LeadGen.

You will be registered to be in the live training which will be recorded & provided to you.

When you go out and take action on this stuff right away, your Return On Investment will be 20X – 100X without question.

As I continually fine tune and distill this training down and get it completely dialed in & highly optimized, it will increase to $1,497.

So, if you are serious about gaining the clarity, the confidence and get the game plan you need to succeed with SEO & LeadGen, THIS MasterClass is right up your alley.

You will walk away & be able to start leveraging this stuff IMMEDIATELY to help you build out your leadgen empire or for prospective new SEO clients.

Ready to get finally get results?

Let’s go!

*** I am hosting the LIVE VIP MasterClass on Tuesday, November 21 2023, 12:00pm – 2:30pm EST. ***

If you are serious about your success, you should make the decision to jump on this offer before it sells out.

See you on the inside.

To Your Success….Ed

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