New Business Owner? No Credibility Yet? Follow this advice…

grow your business by partnering with others

After a number of great chats with business owners this past week, I am seeing another VERY common issue.

And, it is one that can be seen across all different industries…

The concern of a “newer” business owner/professional who does not have tangible evidence of their credibility. Meaning, they do not have verifiable results or a client base they have been able to deliver a successful service for.

When you are new in business & are looking to tell people you offer services but don’t have documented evidence that you have been successfully serving others, what happens?

You likely are lacking self confidence or belief that you can help someone. You are like a deer in headlights, frozen because you don’t know how to proceed.

TRUE? Absolutely…

The way to handle this is to be honest & transparent. “Mr. Prospect, I have been investing heavily in my education & training & am passionate to help you accomplish your goals. What I want you to know is I am PARTNERED with some great people who I can leverage as resources to help me in the process of providing high quality services to you that will exceed your expectations.”

In other words, “I am new but committed to hard work & I’ve got people who have my back to help me get you results.”

It is totally okay to do this. In fact, I recommend it. People will appreciate your honesty…Lean on the resources behind you until you establish your own credibility & results.

Thoughts/comments/feedback ???

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