Observe the Masses and Do the Opposite

I think too many people these days are so caught up with what everyone else thinks.

Concerned about what they think of the home you live in. 

Or, the type of car you drive.

Or, the dream you have?

That one really messes people up.

You have a dream for a better life and to run a successful business or go after a higher-end career option.

But there are those in your life who don’t understand, or perhaps, shoot you down.

“You are not good at sales,” or “you are not cut out to run a business,” or “you are just not good with people,” etc…

The truth is when you decide to win and succeed for yourself, other people’s lack of ambition or unaccomplished goals become a reminder because YOU are seeking change. 

So, they flip the focus to something negative and point out your faults so as to hide their own.

It’s called “crabs-in-a-bucket-mentality.”

When one crab tries to get out of the bucket, the others start climbing on him.  What happens is NOONE gets out & they all “fail.”

Don’t let that be you.  Be excited about what you are pursuing.

If they are not paying your bills, or, are not leaving the life you want, then they have no right to speak into your life.

Protect your dreams and goals & get around people that uplift you, edify you, believe in you.

That is how you will win!

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