Optimize Your YouTube videos to help grow your business…

People are visual learners. In fact, 72% of learning can be contributed to visual aids. Video is a powerful tool that not enough people are utilizing in their business.

It can seem overwhelming to get your message out & do it consistently given all your other responsibilities in your business. If you can commit to 1-2 videos per week, 60-90 seconds long, and optimize them properly, it can help grow your business.

This video is designed to show you how you can optimize your YouTube videos to a geographic area as well as other tips. Video should be part of your marketing strategy & YouTube, seeing it is owned by Google, should be central to it.

Do NOT worry about being perfect & scripted. If you stumble over your words the first few times and the lighting isn’t right or your voice is off, like mine is in this one, don’t worry about it. People want authenticity and will respond to you BETTER with all your flaws and imperfections. Social media is like a first date: people trying to impress everyone but that is NOT reality.

Be real, be raw, be passionate about what you do & offer great tips & suggestions that can truly help people & you CANNOT fail!!!

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