problem perspective


It almost makes me angry.  It can be frustrating to hear it.  Who is anyone to tell me my problems aren’t what I make them out to be?  

Ever been there?  We ALL have to deal with junk, that’s just part of life.  It can seem frustrating when there is problem after problem, challenge after challenge.  Someone wise once said “if it doesn’t matter in five years from now, then it really doesn’t matter now.”  A hard pill to swallow but it’s true.  After we get through every challenge, a day later, maybe a week later, often times, we almost forget them.  

It’s important to realize that most of our problems are challenges, they are only speed bumps.  We need to get the right perspective of them & put them in the right light.  When facing a challenge, say “okay, this isn’t going to destroy me, it’s going to make me stronger.  What can I learn through this?”  It’s not easy for sure but that is how successful people handle them.

Remember, circumstances don’t define the man, they REVEAL the man.  Who you really are when adversity hits is what you see.  CHOOSE to be confident, be composed, think long-term & know that your challenges will ultimately make you stronger by confronting them head on.

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