Properly Qualify Prospects

Digital Agency Prospecting Tip

Own an agency & struggling to get new clients?
Here is what you MUST be doing to ensure you are talking to the right people:
1) Find out if they really want to grow their business. Those on the fence are dangerous and will waste your time & suck your mental energy away. If they are happy with business, thank them for their time and let them go.
2) If looking for more business, find out what their average sale is. If they do not know this, you are in trouble.
3) Find out if they have the systems & processes to take on new business. If you offer SEO or Facebook Ads or lead generation services and bring them 20 leads in a month and they are not organized, it will be a waste of time and money.
4) Find out what their closing ratio is. If they do not know, there would be no way for them to know if your services are getting them a positive ROI.
Your time is valuable. You want to quickly separate the owners who want more business from those who don’t. Never try selling. Ask questions. Show them you want to help them win & get a great ROI.
The key is not taking anything personal & being consistent in your actions. If you are going to prospect, do 10 calls a day for the next three months & do NOT take off time. Consistency is what will help you win.
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