Prosper where you are planted


So an old friend I respect & admire shared this photo yesterday & it got me thinking about something I heard on a personal development call I was on earlier this week.

We ALL will deal with adversity. The question is, how are we going to handle it? What is our mindset & philosophy towards it? I cannot say I’ve got this nailed but I’m working on being on point as often as possible.
We must DECIDE to prosper where we are planted. It’s a decision that we make to WIN, to overcome, to not let the struggle beat us down. The only way to get through a situation is to intentionally go on offense with our thoughts. Your attitude & actions go wherever your thoughts are!!!

SHARE this with someone who is going through some tough stuff & let them know that you believe in them, that they CAN & WILL get through it with the right mindset. We all need encouragement & support !!!

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