reflecting on the impact my kids have had on me…

I remember a time a number of years ago that I had no desire to have children.  I thought “man, I love doing what I want to do when I want to do it & not having to answer to anyone.”  Boy, was my philosophy on life a mess.  A life philosophy is the way we view the world, through the lens of our experiences, emotions, relationships and mindset.

I’ve always believed that “hindsight is 20/20″ so I do see now what I did not then.  I was overly selfish, absorbed in things that only made ME happy.  I didn’t care so much about who it negatively impacted & who it might’ve hurt.  I see now that that was no way to live & am so thankful & appreciative to have gained wisdom & discernment through much introspection, personal development and, most importantly, prayer time.

Now having two children, Caiden (5) & Brooklyn 2), my life is fulfilled in so many different ways.  I couldn’t imagine life without them & find that I value the little things more now than ever.  I LOVE being a dad.  When people ask me “what do you do,” I know the answer is always your career but I find myself telling them “I am a blessed father of two amazing children.”

A life of joy & fulfillment is all about being selfless & valuing other people & making a difference in their lives by being vulnerable & transparent.  My children have taught me that without even knowing it.  I will be honest & say I haven’t got it all figured out but I know that I am progressing every day & working hard to raise my children the way God would be pleased with.

My kids are amazing & what I find is that I realize that through them, I am amazing.  After all, what parent is going to tell their kids they cannot accomplish something or that they are useless.  I must hold myself to that same standard & recognize that I can do anything I set my mind to, that if my heart is right, I have the right attitude & the right expectations, anything is possible.

Very excited to learn more from my kids, through my kids.   I pray this relates with someone…