The SEO & LeadGen Field Guide

Get LIVE SEO Coaching and ON-DEMAND Training From A Veteran SEO-Expert

Here’s What You Are Getting…

  • Daily coaching & training in our Facebook group
  • LIVE Mastermind training every Wednesday 12pm EST (recorded)
  • Current SEO & LeadGen tactics we are implementing daily
  • On-Demand Facebook Lives & trainings as we apply new tactics
  • The Sales Accelerator training to help you consistently add 2+ clients/month with no selling or handling objections
  • The Roadmap to $10K+/month in less than 6 months
  • Learn to add $24K of annual revenue to your business EVERY month
  • + Done-For-You SEO Website valued at $500 (learn about the DFY service HERE)

What You Will Learn In The SEO Training

  • the mindset of doing SEO that Google loves
  • best practices to audit niches & markets
  • how to quickly & efficiently audit sites
  • identifying low-hanging fruit prospective clients
  • learning what makes for an ideal SEO client
  • my recommended tools to maximize your efforts
  • simplified, effective keyword research
  • the elements of a strong Call-To-Action strategy to increase conversions
  • proper utilization of Header tags
  • battle-tested on-page & off-page SEO processes
  • writing content effectively with The SEO ChatGPT Prompt
  • image optimization strategies
  • simple methods to incorporate schema markup
  • GMB/GBP optimization best practices & strategies

What You Will Learn In The LeadGen Training

  • how to build sites in WordPress Gutenberg in under 90 minutes
  • connect domain, hosting account & Cloudflare in under 10 minutes 
  • All the optimization needed to get sites performing awesome on GT Metrix 
  • Buying phone numbers through Twilio & configuring to track calls/voice mails 
  • Using highly-performing, conversion forms & sending out texts/emails to partners without need for Zapier 
  • How to cast a wide net over an entire market with 100 location pages built out in under 15 minutes 
  • How to build out a template that you can use to build all future sites, with content, in under an hour (with a little practice)

What You Will Learn In The Facebook Ads Training

  • create ad campaigns that have the ability to get leads within 24 hours
  • how to easily connect all the components to run successful ads for clients or your own projects
  • how to build out Facebook Lead Ad campaigns in 30 minutes or less
  • the ad copy, text, headlines that get results (in a copy/paste format)
  • how to run ads to Messenger using an automated chatbot sequence
  • how to seamlessly connect Zapier for automated lead distribution


Can I seriously learn everything I need to know about SEO in a couple hours? Emphatically YES. I’ve been distilling my personal process down for years & keep tweaking/testing new strategies & have this locked down. The SEO training, by itself, is 2 hours in length & does cover everything you need to rank to page 1 of Google with no cost. The LeadGen training is 2.5 hours in length as it teaches how to build websites in Gutenberg, how to configure Magic Page if you decided to use it etc…

Can I take what I learn here & get results quickly? Yes, but keep in mind that we have to earn Google’s trust & that does NOT happen overnight. We can send a clear signal & do the right work but it will take consistent effort to rank & get leads.

Do you have any examples of this stuff really working? Yes, the Case Study video above lays that out quite well. It is all about doing the right work with the right mindset, working in the right niches, in the right markets with the right clients. A lot said there, I know. But I do teach all this to save you time & money.

How can you say I can do SEO with no cost? Well, the only investment I would ever have would be in citations, which might be $50. So, if you are charging $1K for a client, your profit would be $950. I teach how to build solid trust & authority coupled with sending a clear signal to Google.

Do you provide any ongoing support or 1-on-1 coaching? Yes to support. No, to 1-on-1 coaching. I get bombarded via email/text/FB Messenger almost daily with questions. I provide support & coaching IN my Facebook group. I am there 3-4 days per week & we do a live Mastermind training every Wednesday, 12pm EST. If that time doesn’t work, I record every week for replay purposes.

How can I reach you? You can contact me HERE.

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