Starve your distractions, FEED your FOCUS


Listened & read to some personal development stuff this morning & see a place I can improve.

The key is to conquer procrastination by removing all distractions the first 60-90 minutes of the work day. To turn off the phone, the email, put a “not available until…” on your office door (if you have one) & get laser focused on the hardest tasks first. I think this works well in all areas of life. We need to dedicate the best time of our morning to the tasks that have the┬ámost reward & impact.

For me, distractions are like the shiny object, I feel like I have ADD, it’s just lack of being intentional, which I will continually work on.

Commit to 60-90 minutes of uninterrupted, laser-focused work this morning & see how it impacts your day. I bet you have a better attitude, feel more accomplished & get more done in that time than others might get done all day !!!

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