Stop Thinking & Start Doing

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

SO true. I was a victim (& sometimes still am) of thinking too much.  Getting ready to get ready.  Analysis paralysis. Information constipation…yadayadayada…

I continually learn that the more we delay our actions, the less confident we feel, the more confused we get & the less clarity & focus we have.  The key is to know WHAT you want & WHY you want it.  Then, lay out a game plan of what it will take & start getting to work WITHOUT DELAY.

I’ve read Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill countless times & the  one quote that sticks with me “successful people make decisions quickly & change them slowly; unsuccessful people make decisions slowly & change them often.”  Make the decision, have a plan & GET TO WORK.  You will be thankful you did.

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