Succeeding in 2015

Do you have GOALS, or are you just DREAMING. I can always tell someone that WILL succeed from someone that won’t. It’s all in the things they so & do.

UNSUCCESSFUL people say:
I’ll start tomorrow.
I will TRY my best for a couple weeks & see what happens.
I wish that would happen for me.
Nothing ever goes my way.
I don’t write my goals down (because I don’t have any).
I’ve always failed & will likely fail again but I hope it works out, it’d would be nice.
I don’t like to┬áread – it’s boring.

SUCCESSFUL people say:
I am winning & I am worthy of attaining my goals.
I have a positive attitude, a disciplined work ethic & I expect good things will happen in my life every day.
I start TODAY, and will accomplish my goals by (specific date, 2015)
I have a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly game plan.
I add value to people & take a genuine interest in people.
I love to read & am committed to a personal development game plan reading 12 books this year.
I’m learning more & more every day & won’t stop until I reach my goal!

I’ve been thinking A LOT about 2015 & realize there is so much positive potential we can utilize when we focus on speaking & thinking the right kinds of things. New Years is literally days away. It is the best time of year to get a clean break from bad thoughts, bad habits & start fresh.

What New Year’s goals are you looking to put in place for your life?

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