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As many of those who know me well, I’m a passionate guy.  I love working on myself physically, mentally & spiritually.  I’m far from having it all figured out & I tend to drop the ball all the time.  I feel like I’m going backwards more often than forwards.  I always try to exude confidence & assuredness but I have to be honest, I don’t always feel that way.

It’s a daily battle for me to stay positive & stay focused, to not get discouraged.  There are many days I just want to “stop charging the hill” & take a break.  I want to feel sorry for myself or I want to quit.  I sometimes find myself thinking “what’s the point, it’s taking too long,” or “who am I to think I can…”

BUT, in those moments, I’m fighting harder to be more aware of those negative thoughts, to be more intentional & CHOOSE positive, affirming thoughts.   It’s amazing how much negative we can say to ourselves, & I feel like I can be the worst at it.

The best way I am finding to “flip the switch” from negative, self-defeating thoughts is to be THANKFUL.  I thank God, out loud, for my wife & kids, for the roof over our heads, for our health.  I thank God for a passion to Know Him more.  I’m thankful for good relationships & a loving & supporting family.  I find when I consciously do this, the faster I get away from those negative thoughts & get that much closer to making the positive a habit in all areas of my life.

If life is throwing you a curveball, & if it’s not, it most certainly will, STOP & reflect on the things you have to be THANKFUL for.

Sincerely, I pray this blesses someone today…have an amazing Saturday !!!

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