The Change Comes from Within


As we exit 2015 & enter a new, exciting year in 2016, I am certain there are many things in our lives we would like to see change.  What often tends to happen is we attempt to change the circumstances without changing what is at the core of the problem.  We often have bad habits or tendencies that allow us to fall right back into our old selves…

Think about how many people have a goal coming up to improve their health & fitness.  They have the best of intentions & start to change by joining a gym & go a few times but often, they fall into a habit of slacking because their mindset hasn’t shifted to form a new habit.  The key is to change the way they think, to NOT let their emotions & feelings control them.  To SET A GOAL of losing 10 pounds or 20 pounds & then staying focused on that goal by committing to daily steps of getting to the gym.  After 21 days, a NEW habit is formed & they start to truly see the changes they desire.

What internal adjustments can you commit to as you enter 2016 that will help you stay on track to reach your goals?  For me, it is being more disciplined & committing to a block of time to work on my business to ensure I reach my goals.  This vacation has taken me off track a bit so I am working to dedicate ample time to my craft.

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