The Essence of Pleasure is Spontaneity


I am often a predictable person. Which means…wait for it…I can be boring. Working on this!!!

I was reminded this morning about the things that matter most are the simple things done in a spontaneous manner.

Back story, my wife,┬ánormally sleeps in while I am up with the kids. So, much to my surprise when she comes out dressed at 8:00. She smiles & says, “you have 30 minutes to get ready, we’re going on a date this morning.”

So, she surprises me with a simple early birthday celebration. First, I love her, like REALLY love her. Second, she teaches me much about the things that are important.

Living simple & spontaneous I find is so much better than planning out every detail. To be honest, I hate it, correction, passionately despise it. Life is so much more fulfilling when you go with the flow. Try it, I am now & I really like it. Best part, I have NO idea what we are doing or where we are going…

What area of your life can you be more spontaneous? I believe it will add more depth & flavor to everything you do.

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