The power of association in your business

search engine optimization tip today is quality backlinking strategies

SEO TIP: The Power of Association

We have all heard the phrase “where you go in life will be based on the books you read, the decisions you make & the people you hang out with.”

Well, this holds true when it comes to SEO as well. Want to rank your business on Google?  You need to make sure your website is in “good association.”

Let me explain.

Back linking is a known SEO strategy that is essentially a popularity contest: the more high quality websites that give a shout out, or vote, to yours (have your domain name on theirs), the better you will rank. Google sees the trust that these other sites have & if they are giving you a vote, some of that power/juice will flow to your website, thus, helping it rank better. Now, the key is to do this SAFELY and NATURALLY…

Look for Chamber of Commerce links you can get with your membership. Look for industry-specific forums or blogs or associations that might give your website a shout-out. Opportunities are endless.

The more high quality back links your site gets, the better you will rank.

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