time management

Listened to an audio recently on time management & heard a great quote: “Be where you are.” In other words, we should be focused on the task or activity we are currently engaged in & not feel guilty or allow ourselves to get distracted. Example, if I have an hour block of time with my kids, the phone goes away, I don’t do anything work-related.  I give 100% of my energy to what I am doing during that pre-determined block of time.  Same goes for work:  if I have to make a bunch of phone calls, I block out a full hour to do it.  I do NOT check email, do any research etc…  When we live this way we become more productive & the feeling of guilt like we are not being effective goes away.

I am not perfect at this & have caught myself on my phone w/ the kids.  What it shows them, indirectly, is that I am not putting them first. It is VERY important to have a schedule.  In fact, I would go so far to say it would be a great idea to have an old-fashioned print calendar so everything can be written on it in blocks of time.  This is my approach that I have adopted & I am already feeling more productive & accomplished.

A great complementary article offering solid nuggets to help gain perspective & direction with the concept of time management.


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