unachieved potential?

So there is a phrase of out one of my all-time favorite books, Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill that rocked me when I first heard it & it keeps me in check when I get out of balance”


WOW.  When you really reflect on what this means, it should be a huge eye opener.  I know for myself, I spent years trying to attain things (money, cars, status, career, etc) that I thought would satisfy.   It was ONLY when I learned to get over myself, stop being so selfish & serve others & help them become better, that I felt the most fulfilled.

I was talking w/ Sarah last night about times when I would travel back from a meeting after serving people that I felt SO alive to the point I would pound the steering wheel in excitement because I was EXACTLY where I believed God wanted me.

So, I guess, what I am saying is:  we all try to find things that make us happy & it is a never-ending chase.  Loving & serving others is where we can fulfill our POTENTIAL.  Find a place today to serve someone, it could be as simple as complimenting three people today.  Help someone load their groceries in their car, hold a door open for someone, pay someone’s toll, invest time with someone who needs a shoulder to lean on, tell someone you appreciate them & be specific why…  You will find you feel great after such simple actions & begin to recognize, as I am, that fulfilling our potential is using the talents & abilities God gave us to make a positive, profound impact on others

Have an AWESOME day !!!

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