What is an Excuse?


We either have excuses not to do something or we have reasons to do something. Excuses don’t help us achieve our goals. We must assume personal responsibility & be mature enough to own up to our excuses & rid them by responding in a positive direction.  We can either focus on the reasons why we cannot do something or why we can.

Personally, I have an area in my life that is extremely challenging RIGHT NOW.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but I will be transparent.  I have something that has caused much anxiety.  I am learning to have the right perspective and the right focus.  I am learning to maintain focus on the vision I have.  I am learning to keep my attention on my strengths and to not allow any negative or distractions take me off course.  There are days I fail miserably at this; other days, I do better.  Most importantly, I am learning to increase my faith and believe in something I have not in the past.  I am learning to overcome any fear and doubt by replacing them with faith and belief.

The balance of 2017 will be the year of great accomplishment or of great regret.

Too many people spend time on social media sharing the highlight reel of how great their lives are when, in reality, there are major issues or challenges behind closed doors.  What happens is people see the ‘great’ lives of their friends & compare, thinking their life is horrible or they are not blessed.

We cannot compare ourselves to others and we can only run the race for our lives.  Each of us has a measure of faith and must assume personal responsibility.  We must accept that “duty is our duty and obligation” as Grant Cardone so eloquently states.  It is NOT an option.   There are NO excuses.

As for me, there are people in my life depending on me to be an excuse remover & I won’t let them down.  We will either choose to make excuses or we will choose to make a difference in this life in the lives of others and attain what is rightfully ours.

I know my choice.  How about you?

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