You Do Not Need Permission !!!


Seeing it’s your life, you don’t need people to validate your goals & dreams. Do what is important to you & stop worrying what others think!

If they are not paying your bills or taking care of your family, they are not in a position to tell you what you should do.

I’ve become a fruit inspector.

I look at the “fruit on the tree” of the person offering their opinion, or what they might think is advice. If they do not have what I want in life, then I don’t take their opinion.

I have become very selective with who I allow to influence my life & my mindset. People who have the things in life I desire for my family are those who have positive influence in my life.

Put a bouncer at the door of your mind & be careful who you allow to influence you.¬†Your life & family’s future depend on it !!!


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