Your Comfort Zone is Destroying You!

Not sure about you but I default to wanting to stay comfortable.  I don’t like the stress or anxiety that comes with being uncomfortable.

But, I have learned over the years that the most rapid positive changes in my life happened when I allowed myself to get uncomfortable.  When I would read more, exercise more, work harder, more intensely, more efficiently.  When I would cold call more or try different methods to get results.  The more I got outside of my comfort zone, the faster I got the results I wanted.

All your success will be found outside of your comfort zone. I’ve heard it said that average is the best of the worst and the worst of the best.  Tip: don’t be average.  Average is selfish, in my opinion.  Average is doing just enough to get by and take care of your needs.  Staying comfortable keeps us unhappy and unfulfilled because we all know we are capable of more.  Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich famously said “all unhappiness stems from the lack of unachieved potential.”  In other words, when you stay comfortable, when you don’t stretch yourself, you know deep down inside you are capable of more and because you are not, you get down, depressed and remain resentful, bitter, unhappy & unfulfilled.  Don’t live that way!!!

I believe we ALL should desire to do great things with our lives and make a positive impact and contribution in the lives of others.  Stretching ourselves to stay uncomfortable is how we make the greatest contribution to this world!  It is how we accomplish our goals and smash our fears.

I choose to get uncomfortable and accomplish great things in this life.  Time to do something that makes me uncomfortable!

How about you???

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