Your Level of Success Will only Rise to the Level of Your Self Image

As many who know me, I’m big on personal development.  I am in the process of taking my game to the next level. I have goals & accomplishments I need to attain & I realize I have to make changes from within if they are to come to fruition.

There is an old statement, that I always hated, “your level of success will only rise to the level of your self image.” I am not complaining where I am at as we are very blessed but there are some fundamental things I want to change & it requires me working harder on myself & then putting what I learn into action, immediately.

If you are in a place where you want to improve your life, where you are frustrated with the lack of results or success you have, if things are not progressing at the rate you want, I am going to HIGHLY recommend listening to this FREE audiobook. I’ve read it a number of times & have been listening to it again this past week. It continues to challenge my thinking & my actions. I believe, if you approach it with an open mind, it will bless you & help you make the adjustments necessary to improve your life & circumstances.

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